Saturday, February 18, 2017

Evidence of Sophistry (LIES), John Best Junior

You would think that given Robert F Kennedy Junior agrees with JB about mercury causing autism that he would support him. He doesn't. As far as JB is concerned, RFK is wasting his time. Well, that's true! But here's JB lying again like a mouse running in a wheel - over and over and won't stop - over why HE thinks time is being wasted! If we haven't got the proof that JB is a freaking coward, we have it now! No balls, no fortitude, nothing.

His way or the highway.

And as Phil Gluyas said on his blog about JB over a week ago, it's 287 kilometers (however many miles that is) to the Canadian border if that's the freaking choice!

John Best Junior Complains

Someone get JB a diaper! What a baby! Meltdowns are manageable, jackass, but first you have to have a handle on what it is you are dealing with! And you don't and that's on you! You are moronic autism parent, jerk and that's it!

Where Will John Best Junior's Psychopathic Behavior Lead?

Okay, now JB is claiming to be an alien calling his latest blog entry "Rules for Earthlings". You wish you were an alien, jackass! In fact I wish you were as it would explain so much! But you're not. You're a human being like the rest of us with an attitude that offends America and Israel in particular and delights the anti-semitic Nazi movement that you, JB, are a proud member of! How do you know humanity will be extinct by 2045? You going to have a say in that? Like hell! You won't even live that long yourself unless you're lucky with that smoking you've been doing!

You are the brainwashed one, JB. You are the dumbed down jerk who won't read everything that's put in front of you and understand it.

Fraud Alert, John Best Junior

This is incredible! First he labels Trump's Cabinet terrorist and now he labels the whole of Congress the same freaking way!

If that isn't proof that JB is a psycho I don't know what a psycho is!

And as if that isn't enough, he also generalizes big time claiming in effect that everyone who tags themselves "Esq" is a lawyer! Hell there are plenty of lawyers who DON'T use that in their name, you jerk! And it's a tag that anyone can use for good advertising effect and that covers a whole lot of jobs!

Is that all? No - he also thinks the FCC has the power to sell TV Networks! What the hell? It controls content not ownership! They are the reason certain words were banned for many years! That's their limit, and you know what? The FCC was created before TV was even invented so do the Rothschilds own the radio networks as well? And the Internet? Hey if that last one was true don't you think the owners would have shut JB down by now? And just to show that JB didn't do his homework, the FCC was formed in 1934 and not 1938!

JB brought up the Rothschilds again. That is getting so damn boring I'm getting sleepy typing this!

How Psychopaths are Made, Cecilia Best

I'm not a fan of Trump, Pence or the Cabinet Trump has appointed but if there's one thing they are not it's terrorists!

JB proves yet again he is going psycho with the same utterances over and over and over again like a damaged CD. His mother has a lot to answer for as she created this monster. This traitor to his military oath who is so crazed no one in authority in New Hampshire is willing to get a squad together and cart him off the prison hospital. They're waiting for him to do something criminal himself when he already has! Treason all over the place, no respect for the democracy he lives in and no balls to fight the right way.

What John Best Junior is really saying

JB says it's lawful to commit treason against the democratically elected Congress. That's what he is really saying when he says "It's lawful to shoot Congress". He is also really saying that he has run out of ideas and as I have said already doesn't have the balls to compete with them at an election. He is really saying that he isn't smart enough to do things the right way. He is really saying he can't prove his case so he resorts to threats. He is really saying he doesn't understand the true position of both the military and the police.

If 3 percent of the population try to follow this, they will be executed for treason and the population will remember them for that. JB is too stupid to understand that he is going nuts and he should be thrown into a prison hospital for the criminally insane.

John Best Junior to be Chief of Lying to Public

Donald Trump is a threat to the security of the United States on many fronts, and that's why I would suggest he appoint JB as CoLtP. He's as good at it as Trump!

After repeating the video from December with a different title in another entry that I won't bother with, JB calls the new appointee to the Supreme Court a domestic enemy? What the hell? The British Crown has had nothing to do with us since 1776 you jackass! Redo your freaking American history! YOU are the domestic enemy, lying to the public about attorneys, Bar Associations and yet again The Fed! There are not 535 criminals in Congress! There's one confirmed criminal in Londonderry, New Hampshire!

Hey Donald! (I won't call him President because I voted for Hillary) Appoint this jerk as your press secretary! He'll quickly take over as the target of the Comedy Channel and divert all the attention from you as he continues to lie and decieve the public.